A new culture of watching movies in your bedroom

For over 100 years, cinemas have been providing motion pictures and box office hits to millions of movie goers across the world who continues to attend in their number to see the latest screenings. Panoramic sound is combined with a large projector screen to provide wonderful viewing in a theatre that is built with comfort in mind for viewers to enjoy the experience. Although cinemas continue to provide a wonderful form of entertainment and place for friends, family members and loved ones to socially gather and enjoy a film together, the invention of wide screen televisions, surround sound systems and DVDs have allowed homeowners to enjoy the qualities of cinema in their own property.

Watching television and movies in bed has become commonplace in households across the United Kingdom, with property owners placing a television in their bedroom and living room to enjoy home entertainment. High definition television sets and DVD players allow homeowners to enjoy DVD movies bought online within a thriving market, but it requires a good quality, comfortable bed from BedStar Direct to make it possible.


An integral part of any comfortable bed is the choice of mattress as it can make the difference between feeling restless and enjoying a good night’s sleep. Certain cultures believe that sleeping and lying on a hard mattress is beneficial for the body and mind, but for others it can be uncomfortable and create pressure on muscles and joints. Many people choose to watch movies in their bedroom whilst lying down on their stomach on top of a blanket, or whilst tucked up in the usual sleeping position. Both positions require a comfortable mattress which effectively holds a person’s bodyweight and moulds itself to cushion all areas of the body to prevent aches and pains in the neck, back and legs. Memory foam mattresses instantly stand out as the best solution for homeowners who not only wish to sleep peacefully without tossing and turning, but also enjoy the comfort element whilst watching films in their bedroom.


Laying back and watching a movie from your bed requires good quality pillows to support the head and neck. Although you could sit up against a headboard or back railings, many prefer to lay down in the usual sleeping position and tilt their head at a comfortable angle to see the television. Specialist TV beds have been created which allow homeowners to watch their favourite programmes and films from an in-built set at the bottom of the bed. They, like another type of bed, require firm, yet comfortable, pillows which easily hold the head and neck in place without being too soft or too firm.


Irrespective of the choice of bed you integrate within your bedroom, whether it is a metal bed or leather bed, purchasing the right blanket is essential towards good sleep and comfort during home entertainment viewing. Blankets are available in sizes to accommodate every type of bed, which allow people to tuck themselves in and cover every part of their body during the night; this is particularly beneficial during cold autumn and winter nights when temperatures are generally at their lowest. While the choice of blanket cover can set the tone and mood in a bedroom, the blanket itself is available in a range of thickness which accommodates every seasonal climate and weather change. Watching a newly purchased DVD can be enjoyed whilst tucked up in bed underneath a suitable blanket that provides a controlled temperature and exudes comfort to divulge in an enjoyable movie.

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