A Multi Scream Adventure ! The Last Showing Review

Robert Englund - The Last Showing ReviewRobert Englund is back better than ever in The Last Showing starring along side Finn Jones (Game of Thrones), Emily Berrington (Inbetweeners 2) and Malachi Kirby (Eastenders) let the fun and games begin !

Martin (Finn Jones) and Allie (Emily Berrington) are on their third date, she has two tickets to a midnight screening of “The Hills Have Eyes 2” and Martin is trying to play his cards right to land the girl.

They head to their last showing in what is now a deserted theater. The movie is in full swing when suddenly the screen goes dark.

The nightmare begins…

Robert Englund plays veteran projectionist Stuart Lloyd, fed up with his job and getting himself fired, he decides to take matters into his own hands and exact a form of sweet revenge. Stuart is determined to shoot his own horror film, with Martin and Allie as his leading man and lady. Stuart acting as Puppeteer with Martin and Allie his dancing puppets, Stuart concocts a variety of scenarios that strains Martin and Allie’s relationship to a whole new level.


Trapped inside the cinema, Stuart captures his plot using CCTV and a handheld camera as the twist and turn storyline unfolds around them with tragic consequences.

The Last Showing is a wonderful example of a psychological thriller, the creepy atmosphere in such an unsuspecting location forms a relateable environment. It’s not a dungeon or an abandoned warehouse, its a public cinema, the average run of the mill, unsuspecting cinema (Vue in Cheshire Oaks if anyone is wondering where it was shot).

Stuart’s mind games intensely pushes the boundaries of trust between Martin and Allie and how Stuart manipulates them both with perfect execution is amazing to watch.


Robert Englund is back at his old time best, scaring the shit out of everyone who watches him. A twist and turn at every corner so much so that you applaud Stuarts genius throughout the movie, a wonderfully shot film that is beautifully captured with production value above and beyond my expectations.

The only problem we had was how quick Stuart snapped, I mean he seemed to really love his job as a projectionist until one day he was driven over the edge and taken out of his comfort zone. Maybe he snapped a little too quickly? Maybe we’re over analyzing it too much? With that said we’d NEVER want to fire a guy like Stuart that’s for sure !

A multi scream adventure that is NOT to be missed !

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