A Haunted House – Review


So I finally got down to watch A Haunted House and I went in on the back of an interview with its main star Marlon Wayans, with Scary Movie 5 just released in the cinemas over here in the UK I had to watch A Haunted House first and boy was I in for a treat!

So the film is centered around Paranormal Activity with a couple moving into a house and documenting it all via a new video camera as they start to witness strange paranormal activities happening at night. Except with a twist.

The guys behind Haunted House have turned the film on its head and spoofed it to a superb extent, every aspect of the film has been flipped around and turned into a comedic element. Long ago in a time far away a comedy spoof film called Scary Movie popped into the public eye, with Marlon behind the first and second films, arguably the funniest of the franchise, A Haunted House was sure to be one funny film.SmartAss - 073.NEF

Michael Tiddes directs A Haunted House and what a great job he has done of creating an atmosphere easily a visual set clone copy to that of Paranormal Activity. Laugh after laugh comes thick and fast with this film with Marlon on his A game and Essence Atkins beside him adding to the comedy.

What surprised me with this film is even thou its a comedy it still has certain stages within the movie where there are elements of suspense and tension, for a brief second you are starting to think this is a horror film then as soon as that thought pops into your head its twisted and turned around back into something comedic. A roller coaster of twists and turns from tension into comedy is a rather clever and unique style of cinema.

Ghost farts, girlish screams, pots and pans flying around the place are usually the rubbish that is found in Scary Movie 3 onwards but Marlon somehow seems to make even these ‘tried to death’ comedy moments funny and unique. I can’t go much into detail about the film but all I can say is you need to see it to believe it, I haven’t seen a comedy this raw since the original Scary Movie film, Marlon is back ! and understandably the film did so well in the states it is already scheduled for a sequel.SmartAss - 4226.NEF

A supporting cast of David Koechner who plays a surveillance expert who is also sidelining as a ghost tv show presenter, Cedric the Entertainer who plays a priest and Nick Swardon who plays a rather camp psycic add to this superb comedy that never takes itself seriously.

A barrel of fun that takes me back to the old Scary Movie days, A Haunted House.. All I can say is Marlon Wayans is back !! Watch this space.