A Haunted House 2 Review


Having exorcised the demons of his ex, Malcolm is starting fresh with his new girlfriendand her two children. After moving into their dream home, however, Malcolm is once again plagued by bizarre paranormal events. 

Malcolm is back once again in this comedy horror sequel that opens up to some cliched and over-used comedy, but granted it still makes us laugh over and over again.  Poor Shiloh Jnr comes to his dismal end early in the movie, which is a shame as this scene is actually hilarious, but the trailer spoiled this really comedic part of the movie.

Cheap laughs and Scary Movie esque comedy drive this movie with over-acting and blatent improv. None of this seems to matter when it comes to Marlon Wayans. This guy is funny, will always be funny and will never stop being funny. His exaggeration of comedy only adds to the side splitting experience you will get watching A Haunted House 2. At times the comedy comes across forced, as thou the writers were trying too hard to make the scene funny, but when the film relaxes from the comedy there are moments of real tension and real jump scares. 

The film juggles between this tension build up, very horror reminiscent and then snap, something funny happens and your mind is taken away from the horror element of the film. We thought this was a great touch, everyone hates the unease you feel watching a build up of tension during a horror film so to have comedy in there, throws the balance off and helps to ease you back into the story.

The films main spoof reference is The Conjuring so make sure you have seen that film before you watch A Haunted House 2 so you can understand the references better but its not a huge deal if you haven’t seen it as the film explains the objects and progress’s nicely without you needing prior knowledge of the James Wan epic. The Abigail Conjuring doll is an hilarious addition to the movie and completely threw me in terms of what I was expecting but it was done very nicely and with hilarious results.


The film seems very reliant on racial references in the majority of its comedy which made it feel a little half assed, but never the less I did find it amusing to watch but once again the comedy feels forced, if it was more toned down and relaxed, laying off the racial references we might be set up for a better sequel than the original but i’m afraid this just doesn’t happen.

If you are easily amused like us, then this is a film for you, but this movie will appeal to a very small audience comedy wise. Most of the comedy is actually directly repeated from the original for example, the dog being killed, random sex scenes with in-animate objects, random screaming. It feels like an extended first film rather than something new and original.


We appreciate the hard work that Michael and the gang have put into this movie and for me its a great addition to my collection but I feel as thou other people out there will slam this movie for some of the points I’ve made above which is a real shame. It sure as hell beats Scary Movie 3,4 and 5 thou, and with its nods to Sinister, The Conjuring, Insidious and The possession it should keep horror comedy fans at least smiling now and again ! 

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