A Fast Action, Ruthless Thriller. Sleepless Review

Sleepless review

When Las Vegas cop Vincent Downs (Foxx) and his crooked partner steal a cocaine shipment bound for a drug dealing casino boss. The desperate businessman retaliates by kidnapping Vincent’s son.

Pursued by an idealistic fellow cop and a drug kingpin, Vincent must rely on his street smarts and sheer force of will as he tries to rescue his child over the course of a single night.

Supposedly based on a French thriller called Sleepness nights, Sleepless revolves around the same story but throws Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan into the mix. Whilst this movie has been panned by many critics, I rather enjoyed it. Like I always say, I’m not a critic, I’m just a fan and in most cases, I usually have much better taste than your regular pencil pushing journalist.

Sleepless review

Sleepless combines beautiful cinematography will all out ruthless action. As Foxx battles his way through a casino fighting off goons left right and centre it’s quite a fast paced little action flick that never steps off the throttle. It heavily reminded me of Bad Boys without the comedic deliverance. Whilst Sleepless doesn’t offer anything new to the genre I feel as tho this isn’t a negative. Go with what works and Sleepless get’s it all right for me. Jamie Foxx puts in a badass performance and Monaghan fares well as a hard nosed internal affairs officer who is fed up of being downplayed by her male counterparts.

The villains and character performances all round are believable and interesting. The fight scenes are awesome and it’s all based in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Sleepless describes its title perfectly. You won’t be getting any sleep anytime soon with this one! It’s loud, it’s proud and it’s a nice fast action, ruthless thriller. Forget the reviews (mine included) and make your own mind up because I feel this film deserves a lot more than the critics are giving it credit for.

Sleepless is out on DVD/Blu-ray from 11th Sept

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