A Brilliant Monster Review

A Brilliant Monster

A Brilliant Monster is a study into the stressful depths of the creative mind, the lengths that one goes through for success, and the anxiety to keep on producing while on top. Is it mental instability? Or the pressures of a society built to reward the selfish?

This uber low independent movie takes an abstract look on the desire for success. Success takes its form in Mitch. An author who is on top of his game but is driving himself crazy to stay on-top and to keep producing equally incredible material as his previous conquests.

A Brilliant Monster

What I love about A Brilliant Monster is the fact that it does into the depths of a creative mind and manifests hunger for success as a physical monster. A monster that feeds on humans and in return produces inspirational idea’s for the author to create his next masterpiece. The art of walking all over people to get to where you want to go and doing anything you can to get what you want are both physically represented in creature form. A dark, hungry monster, feeding on those less fortunate, passionate or less skilled in order to achieve greatness.

Camera work was as to be expected from a low indie flick but the acting was spot on. I was invested in each character and it was so abstract in its approach that it felt unique and engaging.

A Brilliant Monster

Each part of this movie has a hidden meaning and makes you speculate their positions or contribution to the story. Mitch’s dad used to treat him badly when he was younger but now Mitch is in the position where he’s become his dad’s carer. A symbol of overcoming a fear and accepting a fate was something I initially thought this symbolised. Maybe Mitch’s dad is that wall that Mitch must break through to really achieve true success. Or maybe Mitch just needs to forgive his father and move on from his troubled past to truly achieve greatness. You see, even I’m guessing multiple symbolism options and A Brilliant Monster throws them at you at every turn and keeps you guessing and making up your own interpretations.

A Brilliant Monster is a psychology lesson wrapped in a movie. A thought provoking probe into the mind of a narcissist. A captivating and intriguing little film and one I’d recommend you go and see. I guarantee you that every person will interpret each situation and symbolic placement in their own inventive ways and that’s what makes this great. Symbolism and psychology are subjective to their audience and as a result, A Brilliant Monster can adapt, it can be interpreted in various ways and it allows for one hell of a discussion when those credits roll.

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