A-BOX The King of the Subscription Boxes?

A-Box upon first impressions are just another subscription box that do monthly movie/entertainment goodie giveaways. But it’s only when you go deeper into A-box’s content do you realize that they’re no ordinary subscription box.

The guys behind A-Box have been working in the movie industry for the last 10 years and have always supplied the studios directly with goodies. It’s only now that they’re releasing all of those wonderful goodies to the public through a monthly subscription box. Everything inside the box is licensed, authentic, high quality studio-worthy merchandise not cheap prints / replica’s / boring run of the mill stickers, badges, pins and all the other rubbish that pads the lining of any other generic subscription box service.

For a one off box you can pay £35 (Includes shipping) and A-Box guarantee’s you over £70 worth of content. Naturally like most subscription boxes the more months you pay for the cheaper the boxes become taking you down as low as £26 per box (plus shipping) for a 12 month subscription.

In addition to the monthly A-Box’s these guys also offer themed boxes similar to what Lootcrate does but from the pictures on their site, it’s clear to see the rather large gulf between Lootcrate’s special box quality of items and A-Box’s. I remember a Lootcrate South Park box, their most expensive item I believe was a Kenny hoodie and whilst it’s a cool item the box was priced close to £100. So essentially you’ve just brought a hoodie for an extortionate amount.

On offer currently is an Alien Covenant box and whilst the price is dearer than that of a standard A-Box with a tag of £55, they claim the box contains over £150 worth of goodies including a licensed full size replica of something. I’m going with an egg or facehugger but we’ll see. Either-way that blows most of the competition out of the water. I mean, just look at the images on their site. I’ve seen so many unboxings of subscription boxes and people go crazy when something licensed is pulled out of the box that just stands head and shoulders above the other crap (lets be honest) that they throw in there. Now imagine if you opened a box and all it was, was licensed awesomeness.

My mouth drools at the thought.

All of these boxes look awesome but we won’t know ourselves until we’re sent one, so at the end of the day the verdict is out on this one although judging from their social media and website design, they’re certainly off to a good start.

Head on over to https://www.a-box.com/ to pick up a box today!

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