A-BOX (Horror) Unboxing


Another month another A-BOX and this time it’s horror-themed.

Whilst the text within this article won’t spoil the specific items inside the box I will try my best to address my overall feelings of the box and improvements which A-BOX can make in the future.

The horror box itself contained some interesting items. Slightly above the quality of many other subscription boxes but only just. The T-Shirt was very high quality and the items within the box were collectable, quirky and practical.

Warning contains spoilers

When A-BOX first started their aim was to be different than most subscription boxes in terms of the items they contained. The Alien: Covenant box (whilst more expensive) contained some incredible items that blew even Lootcrate DX out of the water. I’d hate to see the most expensive boxes containing the most exclusive items. A-BOX can really stand out amongst the pack if their lower priced boxes contained more exclusive and personalised goods that they make for the studios themselves. We got a pin badge in this box that was the only studio made item. Not exactly the most exciting item one can hope to receive.

The guys behind A-BOX make some incredible goodies and would be excused for including fewer items if the replacement item was easily better than 2-3 throwaway items.

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