A-BOX Alien: Covenant Unboxing and Review

We’ve been posting quite frequently lately about A-BOX. A brand new subscription box company who deal with studios directy. A company who provide studio quality licensed merchandise to the biggest gaming, TV and film companies in the world.

These items aren’t the types of T-Shirts that fade in the wash the first time around. Or your terribly made toys or products. These are studio approved items that already stand out amongst the pack. They have executive approval!

A-BOX are a completely brand new company that started in June of this year. The first product to be released from them is the Alien: Covenant limited edition box. Priced at £55 (excluding shipping and handling) there is one item in the box that could be worth this amount alone. Instantly giving you value for money. Intrigued I reached out to A-BOX and I had a box arrive today for me to take a look at. It’s safe to say, i’m rather excited.

What’s in the A-BOX?


So first of all the packaging of the box is just sheer quality. Thick card, a waxy feel of the box material, beautiful printing and a very high-end feel. Everything just feels official. You know how you get some subscription boxes that come in a plain cardboard box with no effort put into them other than littered bags, cards and other tat inside. Well think of the stark opposite of that and here we are.

A-BOX Open

When you open the box you’re in for an even bigger suprise. No litter of goods, tat, rubbish or anything. Just two waxy style boxes but what does that say… A FACE HUGGER?! That’s right, the A-BOX comes with a poseable movie prop replica easily worth the price of the box alone and more. I couldn’t believe my eyes, prop replica’s are very expensive on their own and to see this in a subscription box was mind blowing. The other little black box contains all of the other little treasures so let’s open everything up.

A-BOX Screams Studio Quality

A-BOX Alien Covenant

The facehugger replica, licensed T-Shirt and Cap, licensed thick metal bottle opener and six beautiful pin badges. Pin badges are usually items I hate with a passion but these look superb and really stand out from the pack. The badges would look good great on a flightsuit, a jacket or any other wearable item. The metal is good quality but thin enough to sit flush with your chest rather than being chunky and dangling off your clothing.

I am so, so impressed with A-BOX. Every item was a class above anything else I have unboxed before. Thank you A-BOX for sending me a box to review and for a more detailed look at the items on offer in the box check out the video unboxing below.

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