A-BOX 007 Limited Edition Box Review

007 A-BOX

Another month, another A-BOX and this time it’s the limited edition 007 box. A-BOX teamed up with James Bond production company EON Productions to create this box so let’s see what’s inside.

A-BOX have packaging and item quality down to a tee. A beautiful box packaged with very high-quality items. Items of such prestige quality that you would not find items on the same level of quality in any other subscription box out right now. With all items in the box being exclusive and officially licensed you can’t go wrong in terms of value either as we all know licensed products are extortionately overpriced in stores!


Whilst A-BOX have quality what I feel they have lacked in previous boxes (and the usual monthly boxes) is creativity. Don’t get me wrong the items are great, really great for what they are, but the items are all common items you’d find in standard subscription boxes. Keyrings, coasters, pin badges, mugs. It’s the same in every subscription box and with A-BOX being head and shoulders above their competition in packaging, licensed products and good quality items their creativity and depth in the items they provide should also be head and shoulders above the rest. The Alien: Covenant box blew me away but it was only the life-size Facehugger that blew me away, the other items being a bottle opener (albeit a very high-quality one) Pin badges, a cap and a T-Shirt. So one incredible item that you’d never find in any other subscription box, followed by common saturated items. The Kingsman box was also very similar too with many common items and then a movie prop replica that doubled up as a USB stick that was incredible!

See the theme here? The movie prop replicas got the best reactions from every review I’ve seen of A-BOX so far (and I’ve seen a lot) items that blow you away when you see them, items you’re proud to display rather than throwing them into a box to be hidden for the foreseeable. Prop replicas, custom art, handmade pieces and items you just wouldn’t expect in a subscription box are all surefire ways to stand on that ‘king of the subscription box’ podium. By adding these to your boxes you’re making the experience more personal with each individual box distribution, feeling as thou more thought went into each box meeting than having one meeting for 10-15 boxes at a time makes all the difference.

You’re already up there with the best of them A-BOX. Now it’s time to evolve to the next level!


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