A Blue Tang Fish Stopped An Alien Invasion


Dory, a blue tang fish from the animated Disney Pixar movie Finding Dory has fought off an entire alien race and has remained at the top of the US box office for a second week running.

The Disney Pixar film took $73.2m (£54.6m) at the box office, while The Independence Day sequel took a disappointing $41.6m (£31m).

Bringing back Bill Pullman, Vivica Fox and Jeff Goldblum seemed to have no impact on the sequel and reviews have not been favorable so far with one review from First Showing quoring it as ‘A dull film 20 years in the making’.

Disney holds three of the year’s top five spots at the domestic box office with Civil WarZootopia, and The Jungle Book. It’s safe to say that with their stake in Fox’s Deadpool and Finding Dory on form to potentially beat Batman V Superman then Disney have total domination of 2016’s slate of top films.