96 Ways to say I Love You


Two couples (Georgia Moffett and Joel Fry, and David Tennant and Nina Sosanya) try to say ‘I love you’ for the first time with hilarious consequences.

This short film outlines the nerves, the build up and the anticipation that goes through all of our minds when we’re about to pluck up the courage to finally admit to someone that we love them.

The thing with this short however is that not everything plans out as smoothly as it should.

A fun filled short with its heart in the right place, leaving you feeling ever so sorry for the poor people involved. It doesn’t fill me with much confidence for the next time I pluck up the courage to ‘take the leap’ but the nice little twist ending leaves hope out there for all!

Now where oh where have my cats gone?

You can watch 96 ways to say I love You below, enjoy!

96 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU from Daisy Aitkens on Vimeo.