5 Awesome Easter Eggs You May Of Missed In the Movies!

5. Back To The Future (1985) Nods to fellow Time Travellers

peabody Back to the Future

Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis gave a wink and a nod to fellow time travellers in this elaborate easter egg. When Marty first traveled to 1955, his DeLorean time machine crashed into a barn. When the owners of the barninvestigated, they mistook Marty for an alien invader. A chase eventually ensued and as the camera panned to the owners mailbox it revealed the family name to be “Peabody.” A famous nod to the famous time travelling TV show “Peabody’s Improbable History”.

 4. Star Trek (2009) features R2D2 

R2D2 in Star Trek

JJ. Abrams has admitted to not being a huge fan of the Star Trek franchise instead admitting he is a HUGE Star Wars geek making his recent Directorial role a dream come true. He inserted an Easter egg homage to his favorite franchise while directing the 2009 reboot of the Star Trek series and challenged fans to find R2D2.

People found the little robot in the scene where the Enterprise ends up in the middle of a debris field. The debris are the remains of Federation ships destroyed by the Romulan ship Narada. You can see R2-D2 on the bridge view screen flying around after the explosion. Did you notice this the first time around?

3. Anchorman drops a Spanish omlette13

In the scene directly before Ron Burgundy gets sacked from KVWN, Veronica Corningstone is shown eating in a Mexican restaurant called Escupimos en su Alimento. Escupimos en su Alimento is actually Spanish for “we spit in your food”.


 2. Godzilla throws Simpsons references to honor cast members

5375169ac1dbd8a0626f6405_godzilla-1998In the taxi-chase through New York, Matthew Broderick throws the driver’s identification plate out of the window in order to get the attention of a nearby soldier. The name on said ID card is “Armin Tamzarian”, the real name of The Simpsons’ character Principle Skinner!

This was done to honor two of the movies cast members which included Harry Shearer (who voices Skinner) playing a news reporter and Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson) as his secretary.

1. Marvel throwing their movies all over the place captain america shield in Iron Man

Famously known for promoting their other productions within their movies, Marvel spared no expense to plug Captain American in Iron Man as the captains shield lays unfinished in Tony Starks lab. This reference continues throughout Iron Man and is then cross referenced within the avengers.

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