3 Blockbusters Revived as Video Slot Machines

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There are a bunch of movies that feature casino games, but slot machines are never in the center of attention. The only movie where I recall seeing a one-armed bandit was John Carpenter’s Starman – and even then it was just for a brief moment. But slot machines are often inspired by movies, offering their players not just casual gaming, but also a walk down memory lane. Below, you’ll find the best slot machines you can try, all inspired by massively successful Hollywood feature films.


The Dark Knight Rises

Slot machine developers usually reach back to the distant past when looking for movies to adapt to their games. But not in the case of The Dark Knight Rises, which was released just a year after Chris Nolan’s epic film hit the theaters. Perhaps it was the massive success its prequel (The Dark Knight) saw at the All Slots Casino Canada that determined it to be released, or maybe this was the plan all along. Whichever the case, players can be grateful, as they got a high-quality video slot machine, with cut scenes, on-screen fights, ready to get them into the Zone.

Terminator 2

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Not many movies had such an impact on the world of action flicks than T2. It was one of the most successful movies of its time, and certainly the best one in the franchise. And after over a decade from its premier, it found its way to the casual gaming world, breaking the Terminator curse (no Terminator-themed video game was successful).

As far as All Slots players are concerned, The T2 slot machine was a huge success. First, because it brings back memories. Next, because it’s loaded with cut scenes from the movie, and it borrows the iconic score from it as well. Last, but not least, because it’s loaded with special features that make it worth playing.

JURASSIC PARK, 1993. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

JURASSIC PARK, 1993. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

Jurassic Park

Although it is over two decades old, the original Jurassic Park still stands the test of time. Its visuals are still amazing, and its story is still great… which is not a surprise, considering that it was written by the iconic medical fiction (yes, that’s a real genre) author Michael Crichton.

The slot machine based on Spielberg’s blockbuster stands out of the crowd with its high-quality visuals and captivating atmosphere. As you might expect, it’s not the actors, but the dinosaurs that play the most important role in the game. They were the ones to keep us pinned to the seats in the movie, too.

Try them free – or for real

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