2:Hrs looking to secure the Natural History Museum


Makelight Productions announce the launch of their Indiegogo campaign to secure the Natural History Museum shooting location for feature film 2:HRS.

The film is a family action adventure that centres on a fifteen-year-old boy living life as a slacker. He bunks off a school trip at the Natural History Museum with his two best friends only to discover he has just two hours left to live. What results is a worldwind trip across London to complete his final bucket list items.


Award winning Director D. James Newton has big plans for his debut feature film and has taken the project to Indiegogo to give more power to his audience and to create a buzz around his vision. James says “2:hrs is the first piece of my creative quest to explore my obsession with legacy. Tim goes on a journey within 2:hrs to discoverwhat it means to leave something behind. He doesn’t haveenough time to amass a great fortune or become famous, but he does have time to fix problems in his personal relationships and change how he’s perceived. It’s the mostimportant legacy that he could leave behind. ”

One of the many perks of 2:hrs is to be involved as an extra in the Natural History Museum scene, you will be in the museum after closing hours and starring in a movie! We’re proud to be partnered with this wonderful campaign and wish them the best of luck.