22 Jump Street Review

hr_22_Jump_Street_3Following their success in the 21 Jump Street program, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back on the streets chasing narcotics.

However, after failing in the pursuit of a group of drug dealers led by Ghost (Peter Stormare), Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) puts the duo back on the program to work for Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) – now located across the street at 22 Jump Street. Their assignment is to go undercover as college students and locate the supplier of a drug known as “WHYPHY” that killed a student photographed buying it on campus.

Carrying directly on from 21 Jump Street this second instalment instantly starts to poke fun at comedy sequels as the film almost prepares the audience for a terrible follow up. But suddenly Tatum and Hill are back cracking jokes, Ice Cube is his usual bad ass self and the vibe is identical to that of the original. Instantly its like 21 Jump Street never ended, it just got extended. Welcome to 22 Jump Street !


The chemistry between Tatum and Hill drive this second instalment as the action is few and far between but when it happens, it happens with such hilarious consequence. The vibe between both characters shows a strong off screen friendship much like Will Smith and Martin Lawrences performances in Bad Boys 1 and 2, no amount of acting can portray that kind of friendship without a real friendship already set in stone.


If this film had more action then it could easily match or even beat 21 Jump Street but the majority of the film plays out as a barrel of laughs and one liners, Tatum and Hill are back on form and with the ending of the film spoofing a 23 Jump Street, who knows, it may, just may happen.

A great day out and a guaranteed laugh, what 22 Jump Street lacks in action in some segments it sure as hell makes up for with comedy.

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