2015 will be the Year of Spies

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From Stoke on Trent Film Director Chris Stone, the man behind Blood and Bone China, has now launched a new monthly web series titled Year of Spies.

Year of Spies will focus on 12 missions plotted over the course of the year circulating around different agents on their various missions dotted around the country. The first episode was launched today titled Happy New Year, where Taylor Gable played by Ross Grant is being held hostage by General Sheng played by Allan Law. This interrogation scene looks like it was taken directly from a Bond movie with General Sheng wielding a Samuari sword and putting Taylor through various stages of questioning and threats.


There is a wonderful tense atmosphere in which the mini series is shot, the location, the cinematography and the dark score add to the atmosphere and the tension slowly creeps up various stages of intensity throughout this ordeal.

Things start to take a more personal turn when Taylor’s dad Peter Gable played by John Dutton gets mixed into the equation, what follows next is a fantastic twist that no one will see coming mixed with comedy relief which in itself provides a plot twist due to the dramatic nature of the events playing on screen.

Chris Stone is back better than ever and we cannot wait to see future episodes and to dwell into 2015 as the Year of Spies takes over the internet.

Enjoy the first episode below: