1995’s Casino. True Story?


The 1995’s classic the Casino is based on a real story. All of us know it, but to which extent? Which moments and episodes happened in life and which ones were pure movie magic? Let’s engage in a fascinating journey together to dig up the truth behind the sheik of Hollywood, shall we?

Sure enough a casino back in the day was not as player friendly as a modern real money casino app, but things never went that south, or did they?

Real Life Accuracy

First and foremost it is important to notice who the actors have resembled. Here is a fine list for you to narrate on the subject.

  • Robert De Niro put on the face of Frank “the Kefty” Rosenhault.
  • Joe Pesci played Anthony Spilotro AKA “The Ant”.
  • Sharon Stone pictured the famous fame fatale Geraldine McGee.

That part is OK for now and resembles the truth of the events with exquisite accuracy. But what about the rest of the story? Here are several amazing facts for you to enjoy.

  • The scene with security crushing a cheater’s hands is historically accurate. This has happened in real life more than once. Surely there was an element of Hollywood as this never happened in the actual “Casino” story but, nonetheless, the penalty for cheating was heavy back in the day.
  • Lefty was running four casinos at the same time, while the story of the movie only resembles around the Tangiers.
  • The Teamsters, after heavy pursuit by the mob did in fact fund the casino. This part is quite accurate.
  • The lion performers hired in the movie were based on Siegfried and Roy. The battle for them after expiration of a contract with Stardust is real as well and all of the events pictured in the movie regarding this moment are pretty accurate.
  • Here’s another fun element that’s 100% real – Nicky was in fact banned from EVERY casino in VEGAS.
  • The rival’s head in a vase is also real. This gruesome element of the film did indeed happen in life. What a waist.
  • That noted, Anna Scott, Green’s business partner was also murdered in her home on November 9, 1975. She was shot after a series of loan issues.



There isn’t really a conclusion aside the fact that they could really make a great movie back in the day. What are your thoughts about the Casino? Did you enjoy the film and maybe you also believe that we are talking about De Niro’s best performance right now?