10 Rules for Sleeping Around Review


Ben and Kate are on the verge of marriage, but are waiting for Ben’s company to take off before settling down. Their best friends, Vince and Cameron, have been married for years and are finally sharing their secret to their seemingly happy relationship – the 10 Rules for Sleeping Around. The two couples quickly find themselves in a sticky situation, forcing them to re-evaluate their relationships as friends and lovers.

Sex and the City meets a failed teen comedy in this rather out-dated flick. The cast feels very flat without much depth to character or dialogue and the humour resorts to cheap laughs and sexual references to gain a chuckle. Personally I usually love teen style comedies but then again they usually contain teenagers or at least a cast who look younger than they are, this ensemble of mid 30’s to early 40’s cast are way in over their heads in the opening 30 minutes of this movie. I can most compare this film to Paul Rudd’s This is 40 movie, a movie that shows immaturity in people old enough to know better, but This is 40 incorporated smarter comedy rather than teen comedy, it was crude to a more grown up standard.

As the movie progress’s the comedy becomes less teen and more aimed towards any swinger out there, consider this film your manual, the A-Z of swinging, a step by step guide to how to maintain a healthy relationship whilst going else where for some… swinging? By now we’re one hour into the movie and literally nothing of note has happened apart from naked men, lots of naked men, oh and a weird scene with a dog, its a shame but I’m still keeping the faith !


Once the film passes the hour mark the comedy starts to stray away from the teen smut and onto some genuinely funny antics with some quite hilarious consequences, it took a whole 60 minutes for the film to mature but the final third of the movie is very nicely done and it makes up for the previous hour. The film as a whole is well shot and I’m so thankful the storyline matured somewhat to save me from the first hours viewing.

By now thou however its too little too late to make up for this shambles of a movie, a good solid 3 out of 10, if the opening started out as strong as the ending we’d be talking a much more impressive score !

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