10 Reasons why you should support Night Terrors


The game understands where you are in your house, it tracks your movement, maps your environment and builds scares around where you are positioned in the house, whether its blood running down your living room walls or a demon hiding in your closet, Night Terrors can exploit these elements and work them into your gameplay.

Never before seen tech used in a smartphone app

The game controls what you see, what you hear, and where you go. Your device’s LED is all the light you get. The camera and microphone feeds are analyzed and processed in real time. Photorealistic elements are added to the camera feed. Audio is spatialized, mixed with the microphone feed, and then routed to the headphones delivering an immersive binaural audio experience

Only practical effects used as opposed to CGI

In Night Terrors, every augmented element is photographed in order to compost elements and match lighting in the players’ environment. With control over the devices LED, the lighting conditions of both element and environment can be manipulated to create a perfect, extraordinarily frightening match.

You become a part of the development team

The campaign is allowing every backer to be a part of the development process, your feedback, and your ideas will all be taken into account when making this game. The game will be tailor made to your specifications and requirements as a group.


Augmented Reality features that can terrify

The game warps reality, with paintings in your house being able to fly off the walls and objects in your surroundings will be manipulated to the point where the line between game and reality is blurred.

The Future potential is exciting and revolutionary

The future potential of this game is only limited to the imagination of its creators, it could be adapted to a Google Glass / VR headset and could even venture into outdoors territory where every environment becomes an interactive setting or scenario.

Perks for everyone on any budget

There are perks to meet all budgets so that any fan can be a part of the game, not only can you play the game but you can have your name built into the software to be called out by the creatures of the night, your face can appear within the game and atop a demons body, you can customize your own scares and for the financially independent backer you can even fly to Vegas and star in the game yourself!

Horror movie characters could come alive in your home

Studios can have their own movie characters implemented into the game, imagine if you saw a Freddy Krueger or a Jason Vorhees wandering around your house, hunting you, stalking you…

The world has been asking for more and it’s here

Time and time again we have gamers and VR technicians waiting for the next big breakthrough in immersive gaming, and Night Terrors has exploded onto the scene and brought the potential and the proven ability to change the way we play games forever.

It’s going to alter how we perceive games

If a game turns your environment into a living Horror movie, will you sit on that couch again? Will the game be so realistic that you may never want to play it again?

That question remains to be seen but the idea behind it is exiting!

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